The bass controls the groove. The groove gets the people moving.”

— Charles Platt

It's My Time

Since the age of three, Charles Platt Jr. has had a love for music. Music flows through his veins, as he comes from a talented family full of singers and musicians. Charles soon began studying the bass guitar at the age of 11 and followed artists, such as Fred Hammond, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius and Nathan East to name a few.  By studying there techniques, Charles developed a style of his own. As a well-rounded music producer and bass solo artist, he perfected his style, which he calls, “Tri-Role Bass Playing.” He defines this as a bass player who has the ability to combine traditional bass playing, the rhythmic pattern of drums, and the melodic progressions of the keyboard into a single cohesive sound. His sound blends genres of Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop and Funk. Taking notice to listener’s reactions as he performed, he created the saying, “The bass controls the groove, and the groove gets people moving!” 

Charles released his debut single, “Sea Breeze,” in June 2016. With a jazzy, refreshing sound and a splash of funk, Sea Breeze was created to remind listeners of cruising to the beach on a warm summer day. Fans quickly dubbed the track, “the feel good song of the summer.” Sea Breeze climbed the smooth jazz charts to number 32 out of 500.  Charles released his first debut album, “It’s My Time” on November 20th 2016. 

Charles understands that his gifts come from God, to whom he gives all the glory. He believes the language of music is universal and will reach everyone in all walks of life. The message within his music brings joy, healing, and restoration to those dealing with life’s pressures. He hopes that everyone listening, no matter their age, nationality or gender, will be restored in all areas of their life, relieved of stress, and inspired by the music he produces. 




"As dreamy and sensual as he is with melodies, he is with funky rhythms and deep grooves! Emerging bassist Charles Platt Jr.’s buoyant debut EP, IT’S MY TIME, truly embodies his philosophy that “bass controls the groove and the groove gets people moving!” Creating a multi-faceted style he calls “Tri-Role” bass playing, he creates an artful mix of jazz, hip hop, pop and funk while combining traditional bass playing, the rhythmic patterns of drums and melodic lead keyboard style progressions. IT’S MY TIME is totally worth yours!"

 - Smooth Jazz Global Radio

"....he plays the bass with his heart and soul! His smooth sounds captivates the audience, and his melodic interpretations are genius......Charles’ composition, arrangement and lead bass style are comparable to the best in the business. He is always willing to give 100% of himself to the process  and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him....."

- K.Y.D.A. Entertainment Recording Artist - Tawana Lael - Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Charles Platt's music is like a cool wind on midnight summer rain. It is refreshing yet soothing to the ear and soul. CJ’s music puts me a state of relaxation and at times comforts my state of isolation.......Charles Platt's artistry, writing, style and arrangements are truly welcomed in this day and time. As a lead bass player he commands your attention with his captivating stroke of the strings."
- Artist Chris Brunson - International Gospel Artist & Songwriter

"Charles Platt is a visionary artist. He has the ability to create sounds that move the heart. It is truly his time!!"
- Joreal Mack - Inspiring Listener
"Charles Platt takes you away with Sea Breeze and inspires you with his creativity. It is time for the listener to be taken away with the grove. Great Music!!!"
- Kacy Toberg -  Inspiring Listener


'It's My Time is incredible! I can hear that Charles Platt is very serious about his craft. It is definitely his time!!"
- Emerson Smith - Songwriter, Artist